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love and light (Sparlha Swa)


Sparlha Swa / Live from NYC (2008)

It is by her new work and the album which it listened to in a beginning.
Music "Of God" which I listened first.
Is very splendid; and absorbedly.
A melody, drumming of the March is splendid.
I am slightly sad, and it is sung the prayer emotionally.
The melody that appeared of portamento is more profound.
I am already crazy about it.
A lot of spiritual music is jam-packed in some such pops.


Sparlha Swa / In the Distance (2004)

It is with her debut album and the album which it listened to to the second.
It affects my heart deeply first when I listened though I was quiet so as to listen if I listen.
It is stylish in Jazzy.
I like atmospheres of these music.
"Stay With Me"
"Canto Das Tres Racas"
A fragrance of the earth, the fragrance of the plant, the fragrance of the sun, a rainy smell...


Sparlha Swa / Uprising (2003)

Uncut, unmastered, Uprising is an acoustic, home-recorded album which humbly captures Sparlha's emergence and blossoming as an artist. With just voice and guitar, it is an intimate and raw expression of her music.

This is very good, too.
I don't listen without the tears!


Project Vote / the B. Hive Presents Volume 1 (2008)

This album is;
CD Production by Shae Fiol and Sparlha Swa
Graphic Design by Shae Fiol and Sparlha Swa

The musicians wriggling underground of New York!
I listen interestingly and am interesting.


Bossa Nova Beatniks - When We Kiss (by You Tube)

"When We Kiss"
I cried again.
And I am very bright.
A picture and a song.
It is a very happy feeling.

Wow baby!
I wrote one cup by the words that I was not used to.
I was tired very much!



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